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Language Translation Jobs | Positions  & OpportunitiesThe Internet has turned the world into a global village. It has allowed many small organizations, which would have otherwise been limited to doing business in their home cities or states, to spread out and cater to a global market. Due to this, there is a huge and growing demand for translators in the market, but the supply of quality, foreign language translators is nowhere near to meeting the existing demand.

Translation is poised to grow into a billion dollar industry. And those who are good at providing translation services should get into the business as early as possible, to make huge profits. However, those who are already providing online translation services have to face certain problems. The major one being - finding a suitable translator job; it is quite common to come across competent translation service providers who find it difficult to get a translator job that suits their expertise and pays well.

There are several well known websites which bring the clients and people who can do translator jobs together. But they do not do much else. So the service provider has to manage the bids and deal with a large number of small clients, negotiating with them and answering their queries. Even after spending so much effort, one may not get a suitable translator job. In this way all the efforts and a lot of time of the service provider goes waste. is a site that intends to solve all these problems for good. It has been designed to provide the most suitable translator jobs to the service providers through a reliable and quick process. At Tomedes the translator is required to get registered at the site. The registration is free. The process involves filling the details of translation services that he or she is going to offer. After registration is over, Tomedes starts working for the provider. It has an excellent program which matches the posted jobs with the services offered by the providers. All the providers whose registered skills match with a job get an email informing them of the same. Then they have to login to check the requirements and to examine the document, those who intend to do the translation job have to make a bid. Another excellent aspect of this website is that the translator can get to see the rank of his bid compared with other bids, and adjust it accordingly. The bidder who wins the job gets the document by email. The website pays the providers at the end of each month for all the work done in the previous month.

Translator job is easy to find but a finding a good one is almost impossible. Article Source

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