What is the best way to become a translator?

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Question: What is the best way to become a translator?

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With those answers read here is the path to become a translator in the best way we know possible:
  1. Identify your target languages
  2. Gain experience living in those relevant countries and absorbing their culture while you master those languages
  3. Practice translation daily with a variety of clients
  4. Complete a translator training or certification program
  5. Gain translation internships and practice projects until you get good enough to start charging for your work
  6. Complete translation projects for larger and better quality clients until you identify your niche area of specialization that you want to focus on
  7. Dive into those 1-2 niches and start producing top quality work and gather a wide net of happy clients who will come back to over the years. Try to work with clients that will want to use your services again and again.
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