What is the best way to get trained as a translator?

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: What is the best way to get trained as a translator?

: The best way to get trained as a translator includes a combination of self-study, networking, and online translator training programs.

1) Self-Study: If you want to be a great translator you need to constantly refine your language skills and cultural knowledge behind your target languages. Nobody can train you in this - you need to simply do it every single day.

2) Networking: To become a professional translator who is well paid you need to seek out mentors in the industry, peers that can share knowledge, and get tips directly from other expert translators. In the CTP Program we provide such a resource as all participants get access to 10 Audio Translator Expert Interviews we have completed with translators who have over 7 years of experience in the industry.

3) Online Translator Training Programs: To grow your credibility, industry experience, and training as a translator you should also look into completing online translator training programs. These could be specific to your language, generic to the industry, or specific to a niche you want to specialize in such as medical, legal or literary fields.

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