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Translator Employment Guide

Below please find links to dozens of helpful articles for those seeking employment or a career within the translation industry. Looking to work as a freelance, agency or corporate translator? Please use the resources below to help meet that goal:

  1. Translator Resume Tips
  2. Careers In Translation: Resume Repair
  3. How to get an Internship with a Translation Agency
  4. Translation Agency Reputation
  5. Translator Certification
  6. Online Translator Training
  7. Translator Designation
  8. Translation Certificate
  9. Translator FAQ
  10. Training to Become a Professional Translator
  11. Become a Successful Translator
  12. Translator Certification Program
  13. Skills To Become a Translator
  14. Become a Translator Online
  15. Translator Training Courses
  16. Freelance Translator Careers
  17. Language Translation Jobs
  18. Benefits of Being a Translator
  19. Translation Certification
  20. Jobs in Translation
  21. Translation Agency Jobs
  22. Translation Career Information & Opportunities
  23. How to be a Good Translator
  24. Translation Career
  25. CTP Board of Advisors
  26. Translator Internships
  27. Translation Advice for New Translators
  28. Professional Translating Career
  29. Translation Employment Work From Home
  30. Legal Translation | How to Become a Legal Translator?
  31. How to Become a Legal Translator?
  32. Professional Translating Career
  33. Translation Career
  34. Tips for Hiring a Translator
  35. Translation Advice for New Translators
  36. Differences between Interpreters & Translators
  37. Professional Translation Services Business
  38. Translation Career Information & Opportunities
  39. How to be a Good Translator
  40. Translation Ethics
  41. Translation Agency Jobs
  42. Translator Internships
  43. Jobs in Translation
  44. Translator Training Courses and Program
  45. Become a Successful Translator
  46. Skills To Become a Translator
  47. English Translator Due Diligence
  48. Freelance Translator Careers
  49. Language Translation Jobs
  50. Translation Advice
  51. Translation Jobs
  52. Best Translator | Top Translators
  53. Benefits of Being a Translator
  54. Reasons Not to Hire a Translator
  55. Translator Training

For more information on the Certified Translation Professional Certification Program please see

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