How can I find my own translation projects and clients?

The following Translator Q & A is part of our Translator FAQ Series.

: How can I find my own translation projects and clients?

Answer: This is a big question that would take a complete book to answer completely...but we will provide some tips here for you. Before reading the answer below please read the answer to our FAQ question of: How can I start my own freelance translation business?

In addition to the advice given there we recommend you do these 3 things to help you find your own translation projects and clients:

1) Develop your own For example if your name is RyanSnidden then go get, or or something similar to help brand yourself online if someone Google's your name. Also, setup profiles that are professional on Facebook and as well in case they search there.

2) Get better. Complete more training and certification programs, or at least continually push yourself to always learn more about translation best practices so you can constantly improve your skills and abilities.

3) Do very thorough research on every possible website that provide leads to new translation projects and works. There are dozens of these and the most organized of translators will be the most profitable. Start a new Google Docs Spreadsheet to track these so you can update it anywhere at any time and always be on top of what new work is out there in the industry.

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