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Translation Advice

Translation AdviceDue to globalization, more businesses are expanding into overseas markets. Some markets such as China and Thailand are non-English speaking countries. Therefore, the need for professional translation service is at the highest demand than ever. These businesses will need to translate their professional business documents such as business and marketing plans to the native language. And as a professional translator, you can definitely make money from them.

If you wish to be a translator, you need to know foreign languages well. Other than knowing various foreign languages, you still need to possess the skill to make the right analysis of the meaning of the target language. Therefore, someone who only knows many foreign languages may not be a good translator. Additionally, it will be good if you are a native speaker of the target language as you will tend to understand more about the dialect and culture of the way they speak.

If your dream is to become a professional translator, this article can help you in your quest. Let me share with you 4 criteria that you need to fulfill first before you can become a professional translator:

1. Must know how to read and speak different languages. Knowing how to read and speak different languages is a must if you want to become a translator. If you cannot read foreign languages, there is no way you will be able to translate one language to another accurately. To pick up other languages, you can start attending language classes or reading useful sources such as bilingual dictionaries.

2. Must know how to write well. In order to be a translator, you need to write well. Copywriting skill is something that you cannot afford not to have. When it comes to copywriting, there are different styles of writing based on the type of language that you are writing for. Also, do take note on the punctuation and paragraphing. Proper punctuation and paragraphing will increase the readability and value of the translated materials.

3. Be a good listener. When you are listening to what your client is saying, you need to grasp key notes and specific vocabulary in order to translate a speech accurately. With regular exercises, this skill can be developed over time.

4. Get yourself bilingual dictionaries and utilize them. A bilingual dictionary is a great resource for you to master foreign languages. Do not just leave them on your book shelf. Utilise them and take action. Take note and practice speaking. With more practice, the better you will become.

These are the 4 criteria you must have in order to become a professional translator. Do remember that a good translator is not born overnight. A translator is good because of the amount of hard work and due diligence he or she has put in.

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