Should I Become a Translator?

The following Translator Q & A is part of our Translator FAQ Series.

: Should I become a translator?

Answer: That depends on how serious you are about the prospect of becoming a translator. Many see the translation business as easy money or fun because you can work from home, but like everything else you get out of translation work only what you invest into it. If you want to have a real translation career you need to study a single language until you know it and can write and speak it as well as a native within that country. You must study the country's culture and get to know the real meaning behind words and not simply the technical translation of them.

That said, if you know a language well, are open to completing the necessary training and industry certification programs to be well known in the industry.

Feel free to read our free Translator Guide if you need more help in determining whether you should be a professional translator or not.

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