Translator FAQ

Translator FAQ

Our team has received over 7,000 questions from professional translators and those wishing to become a translator.

We have gathered the most frequent questions we have received and listed them all below. If you have a question about being a translator or a better translator please hit "control F" and search for the question below, or just browse through the questions others have asked.

As we complete writing answers for each of the questions below we hope you find this as yet another valuable resource (in addition to our free Translator Guide) that the Global Translation Institute (GTI) provides.

Frequently Asked Translator Questions:
  1. How can I become a certified translator?
  2. Should I become a translator?
  3. What can I charge per word as a professional translator?
  4. What is the best way to get trained as a translator?
  5. What experience is required to become a translator?
  6. How can I get certified as a translator?
  7. How much can translators make per year?
  8. How can I start my own freelance translation business?
  9. How can I find my own translation projects and clients?
  10. What is the best book for learning how to be a translator?
  11. Can you help explain how to be a translator?
  12. Do you have tips for creating my translator resume?
  13. How can I get a internship as a translator?
  14. What are the most popular translator training programs?
  15. How much do translation training courses cost?
  16. How can I become a legal translator?
  17. Can you help me figure out what a common translator fee would be?
  18. What technical skills are needed for translators?
  19. Is there a translator certification program online that I can complete?
  20. What important ethics should be considered within translation projects?
  21. Where can I find more translation internships?
  22. What are the benefits of being a translator?
  23. What is the difference between a interpreter and translator?
  24. How can I become a successful translator?
  25. What is the best online translation certificate program?
  26. What is the fastest way to become a certified translator online?
  27. What are common translation rates in the industry?
  28. What is included within your translator's guide?
  29. How do you become a certified translator?
  30. Where can I get training to become a certified translator?
  31. What should I study now to become a translator?
  32. What skills are needed to become a translator?
  33. What is the best way to become a translator?
  34. How can I become a certified translator?
  35. How do freelance translation fees differ from other types of translation fees?
  36. Is there a free translation certification program?
  37. How to I become a registered translator?
  38. How can I become a legal translator?
  39. What are the top translation courses?
  40. How do I get started as a translator?
  41. How should I start to study to be a translator?
  42. What are your top tips for translators?
  43. What training is needed to be a good translator?
  44. Can I get my translation certificate online?
  45. What degree do you need to be a translator?
  46. What do I need to do to become a translator?
  47. What is involved in being a translator as a career?
  48. What is the fastest way to get a translation company internship?
  49. What are the advantages of being a translator?
  50. What is needed to become a registered translator?
  51. What is needed to become an official translator?
  52. What are the top 3 benefits of being a translator?
  53. What are the best online translation schools?
  54. What are the best translation agencies to work for?
  55. What is the process of becoming a professional translator?
  56. What type of certified translation courses are available?
  57. What type of entry level translation jobs are available?
  58. Where can I find foreign language translator jobs?
  59. Can I get free translator training?
  60. Why are lots of people getting certified as a translator?
  61. How can I become good in translation?
  62. How do I become a certified interpreter?
  63. How much do professional translators make?
  64. How do I become a licensed translator?
  65. How can I become a qualified translator?
  66. How can I become a technical translator?
  67. How can I get a job as a translator?
  68. How can I start out as a translator?
  69. How can I study translation?
  70. Is there an online class on how to become a translator?
  71. How can I become a certified legal translator?
  72. What should I do now that I know I want to become a translator?
  73. What are some interview questions for translators?
  74. What is a good language translation blog?
  75. Where can I go to find language translation jobs?
  76. Where can I take an online certified translation course?
  77. Where can I take online legal translation course?
  78. Where can I prepare to be a translator?
  79. What is a professional translation certificate?
  80. How can I complete a professional translation course?
  81. What sites provide professional translation jobs?
  82. What is a rate for a certified translation vs. regular translation?
  83. How can I study to become a translator or interpreter?
  84. How can I have a successful translator career?
  85. What are the top translation schools in the world?
  86. Who is training translators?
  87. Where can I get translator career information?
  88. What courses should I take to become a translator?
  89. What do you need to be a translator?
  90. Where can I study to be a translator?
  91. How do I enter the translation industry?
  92. Is education an important part of the translation profession?
  93. What is important to know about the translation profession when interviewing?
  94. What are employers looking for in a translation professional?
  95. What does a normal work-day look like for a translation professional?
  96. Are there different kinds of translation job titles?
  97. What are the main functions of a translation professional?
  98. What are the responsibilities of a translation professional?
  99. How can I get an internship in the translation industry?
  100. What are the top 3 questions employers might ask when interviewing a translation professional?
  101. How do I become a translation professional?
  102. Are there any associations that I should join as a translation professional?
  103. Where do translation professionals normally work?
  104. Do translation professionals normally work in-house or as a consultant?
  105. What skills do I need to be a translation professional?
  106. What are some sources of information on becoming a translation professional?
  107. What benefits are there in being a translation specialist or professional?
  108. How can I become a great translation specialist?
  109. What characteristics are needed to become a well-respected translation specialist?
  110. What tools do translation professionals use every day?
  111. What tools do translation professionals use every once in a while?
  112. How can a translation professional build their network?
  113. Is networking important as a translation professional?
  114. How do translation professionals often find work?
  115. If translation professional works as a consultant, do they have to have their own firm?
  116. How do translation consultants find clients?
  117. What abilities do translation specialists and professionals need to work effectively in the translation field?
  118. What should a translation professional consider when being offered a job?
  119. What jobs should a translation professional apply for?
  120. How much do translation professionals often make when working?
  121. Where can I find open positions for translation professionals?
  122. Are there other jobs in different industries that translation professionals would work well in?
  123. What sort of educational requirements do hiring firms look for in potential candidates applying for translation positions?
  124. Do translation professionals need to worry about continuing education?
  125. How important is social media and other methods of networking online to the translation industry?
  126. What are some steps I need to take to become a translation professional?
  127. When is the best time to apply for a translation job?
  128. Is training or continuing education required to be a translation specialist?
  129. What are some of the different job titles a translation professional might hold?
  130. What sort of experience is needed for some of the more common translation positions?
  131. Is it important to get an internship in the translation industry before applying for a larger position?
  132. Do translation professionals need any sort of license to work in the translation industry?
  133. Is there a translation undergraduate degree option available at most schools?
  134. Is there a translation graduate degree option available at most schools?
  135. Which schools offer the best translation education?
  136. How important is it to have a degree in translation to work in the translation industry?
  137. Who do translation professionals interact with most in their position at a firm?
  138. How important is technology in the translation industry? Do translation professionals use the internet, computers, etc.?
  139. How are translation professionals evaluated in a position?
  140. Is there a lot of room in a translation position for advancement or promotion?
  141. How can I earn more money as a translation professional?
  142. What are the first steps I should take while preparing to enter the translation industry?
  143. If I want to switch my career over to working in translation what should I do?
  144. Which courses, classes, or certification programs are expected if you are going to work as a translation professional?
  145. How could I make over $100,000 a year working in translation?
  146. What is the single, most valuable piece of experience I could get that would help me have a successful long-term career in the translation industry?
  147. What are the top 3 most valuable books to read about translation?
  148. Is there a job market out there for global or international translation experts?
  149. If I want to work from home in the translation field, is that possible?
  150. How could I start my own business or consulting firm while using my expertise and knowledge in translation?
  151. What is the #1 thing which holds back most people's careers in translation?
  152. What are the top 5 cities in the world to start and grow a new career in translation?
  153. How is a translation resume different than a normal business resume? Is there anything unique about what you should put on a translation resume?
  154. Do you have any specific tips for writing an effective translation cover letter?
  155. Early on in my translation career, are there ways to really impress my boss or employer?
  156. If I have a degree in liberal arts, can I still work in translation?
  157. I am very passionate about translation and hungry to succeed; what advice can you provide that would help me channel this energy into actions that are
  158. How much is education vs. experience valued in the translation industry?
  159. Do you believe that networking is an important component of being successful in the translation industry,
  160. How can I find a valuable mentor to help me in my translation career?
  161. Are there some little known negative aspects about working in the translation industry that I should know about?
  162. I completed the Certified Translation Specialist (CTS) program through
  163. I am 47 years old, and wonder if I am too old to even try to switch careers and work in the translation industry?
  164. What is the best way to get potential employers to trust me enough to give me an entry level translation job?
  165. Will anyone in the translation industry hire me if I have no real experience yet?
  166. How did you get your first entry level translation position?
  167. Do you have any good stories or examples on how I can secure a translation internship?
  168. How much can I expect to earn after working in the translation industry for 5-7 years?
  169. Who is my main competition as I look for a translation job?
  170. How can I stand out from my competition when applying for translation jobs?
  171. What else can I do to better my chances of finding a translation job?
  172. Is there normal dress attire associated with a translation career?
  173. Are associations important to join as a translation professional?
  174. What associations are available to me as a translation specialist?
  175. How can I increase my chances of being hired for a translation position while I’m still in school?
  176. What are some mistakes a newly hired translation professional might make?
  177. How important is it to create a good rapport with colleagues and peers as a translation professional?
  178. How much do entry level translation professionals make (starting wages)?
  179. Are professionals in the translation industry more successful as a consultant with their own firm, or do they find more success in a bigger firm?
  180. What is the fastest changing aspect of the translation industry?
  181. How has the translation industry changed in the past 10 year?
  182. How does that change in the translation industry affect professionals looking to enter it?
  183. Are there any regulations or laws that translation specialists need to pay special attention to?
  184. How fast is the translation industry growing?
  185. Is translation something that is dealt with mostly in the US, or is it truly an international industry?
  186. Are jobs in translation fast-paced? If so, why?
  187. Are translation professionals independent workers, or do they work in teams?
  188. What have economic changes done to the translation industry?
  189. How well understood is the translation profession?
  190. Where is the best place to find work as a translation professional?
  191. How do find customers as a freelance translator?
  192. How much do charge for translation?
  193. What is the Certified Translation Professional (CTP)?
  194. What is a typical minimum fee for translation work?
  195. What is most important to be a translator?
  196. What are top 100 ways to improve my translation skills?
  197. What is the best online translation course?
  198. What abilities are needed to be a translator?
  199. Do you offer additional resources for translators?
  200. Do you have some generic advice on translation?
  201. What are the advantages of a translator job?
  202. Are there any certification exams someone can take to be a translator?
  203. Are there any resources for Arabic translator training online?
  204. Are there any ways to get Italian translator training online?
  205. Is there a online Russian translator training program?
  206. Do you know of a online Portuguese translator training program?
  207. Can I complete a Chinese translator training program?
  208. Where can I complete a German translator training course?
  209. Can I complete a Bulgarian translator training class?
  210. Does the GTI offer a Irish translator training program?
  211. Is the CTP a Irish translator training program?
  212. Do you offer a Korean translator training course?
  213. Is there a Greek translator training class?
  214. Can I complete Dutch translator training online?
  215. How do you know if you are good enough to be a translator?
  216. Can you share a story of how someone became a translator?
  217. What should I do if I want to be a legal translator?
  218. How can I become a certified translator for free?
  219. How can I become a corporate translator?
  220. How can I become a spanish translator online for free?
  221. Can you help me in becoming a business translator?
  222. What to consider before accepting a translation job?
  223. What is the best degree for becoming a translator?
  224. What are the best languages to learn to become a translator?
  225. What is the best pay as a translator?
  226. Which is the best paying translation company?
  227. What are the best texts to prove your translation skills?
  228. How can I get a business translation certificate in 3 months?
  229. What is the best freelance translator blog?
  230. Can anyone become a translator?
  231. Can I work as a translator online?
  232. Are there companies that hire a translator who is not certified?
  233. What are courses to study to become a good translator?
  234. What are some criteria for judging a translation?
  235. Differences between freelance translation and professional translation agency work?
  236. Do I need a translator certificate to get a translator job?
  237. Do professional translator certificates help career prospects?
  238. Is training required to become a translator?
  239. What is the best English translation course online?
  240. What does a entry level translator resume look like?
  241. What is required for English language translation skills?
  242. Flat project rate for translators
  243. Is there a foreign language translator certification?
  244. Are there free online translator certificate programs?
  245. Is there free training for translators?
  246. How can I grow my translation business?
  247. Is there a course I should do to become a professional translator?
  248. How do you start a translation agency?
  249. How do you train for a translation test?
  250. How long do I need to study to become a translator?
  251. How long should I study a language for a translation job?
  252. How many years of language experience does it take to be a translator?
  253. How much do certified translators charge?
  254. How much money does a certified translator make?
  255. How much should I charge to translate?
  256. How can I become a bilingual translator?
  257. How can I become a case translator?
  258. How to work in certified document translation?
  259. How can I become a English translator?
  260. How can I become an accredited translator?
  261. How to find clients for a translation business?
  262. How to get a license to be a language translator?
  263. How to get a job as a literary translator?
  264. How to get certified for translation work?
  265. How can I get a translation internship?
  266. How can I be a professional document translator?
  267. I know a language but do not have a certificate to become a professional translator, is that ok?
  268. How can you become an official translator?
  269. What are typical interview questions for a translation job?
  270. Is becoming a translator a good idea? Does it pay well?
  271. Is there a list of things you need to be a translator?
  272. Can i work in movie translation?
  273. How can I take an official translation course?
  274. Are there online classes to become a certified translator?
  275. Is there a one week translation skills course?
  276. What are the qualifications to become a translator?
  277. What are the requirements for being a translator?
  278. What are the benefits of translation training courses?
  279. How can I train to become a translator?
  280. Why take translator certificate programs?
  281. Where can I get certified as a translator?
  282. Where can I study to be a translator?
  283. Where can I get a course in being a translator?
  284. Where can you study when you want to be a translator?
  285. What questions to ask when applying for a translation job?
  286. What do I need to setup my translation business?
  287. What do I need to get a job in translating?
  288. What can you do with a certificate in translation?
  289. What certificate do I need to become a translator?
  290. What does it cost to become a certified translator?
  291. How can I get spanish translation jobs?
  292. How can I become a court translator?
  293. What is a translator's certification?
  294. What is the Global Translation Institute (GTI)?
  295. What is needed to become a Spanish translator?
  296. How can I become a Spanish translator?
  297. How long does it take to complete a translators certification program?
  298. Who runs a translators certification program online?
  299. What is included on a certified translators exam?
  300. What is involved in certified translator training programs?
  301. How can I become a sign language translator?
  302. Can I earn a professional translation certificate?
  303. Is there a Spanish translator certification program?
  304. Is there an online Spanish Translation Certification Course?
  305. Do you offer Spanish translation career training?
  306. Are there good translation career opportunities in the industry?
  307. What is needed to become a Japanese translator?
  308. Can I become a translator?
  309. Where do I get a certificate in translation studies?
  310. Why earn a certified translator certificate?
  311. How can I become a translator in Canada?
  312. How can I become a translator in Mexico?
  313. How can I become a translator in Japan?
  314. How can I become a translator in Ireland?
  315. How can I become a translator in Korea?
  316. How can I become a translator in Russia?
  317. How can I become a translator in Bulgaria?
  318. How can I become a translator in the United States?
  319. How can I become a translator in Italy?
  320. How can I become a translator in China?
  321. How can I become a translator in Greece?
  322. How can I become a translator in France?
  323. How can I become a translator in Brazil?
  324. How can I become a translator in Portugal?
  325. How can I become a translator in the Middle East?
  326. How do I get a translator certificate?
  327. What is required to earn a translator certificate?
  328. Can I get a translation and interpretation certificate?
  329. What are the translator certification requirements?
  330. How can I become a language translator?
  331. Who runs the CTP certified translators program?
  332. What is a translation designation?
  333. How can I get a translator certification?
  334. How do I obtain a translator certificate?
  335. How can I trust online translation training tests?
  336. What is a popular online translator exam or license?
  337. What is the translation certification process?
  338. Can I get a certification in translating?
  339. Where can I get a certification to be a translator?
  340. What are the advantages of being a certified translator?
  341. Is there a CTP Translation Certification Program Review?
  342. What are some English translator qualifications?
  343. Is there a online French translation certification program?
  344. How can I get a translator certificate in French?
  345. How can I get a translator certification?
  346. How do I get certified so I can translate?
  347. How much do you make with the CTP certification?
  348. How to get a certificate to be a professional translator online?
  349. How to get a hebrew language certification?
  350. What is language translation certification training?
  351. What is the most recognized Spanish English translation certification program?
  352. What is an on line professional certificate in translation?
  353. How can I get online education for translation certification or training programs?
  354. What is an online Italian translation certificate program?
  355. What are some sites for professional translation training?
  356. Are there programs to be certified as a Russian translator?
  357. Are there reviews on our translation certification program?
  358. What is a Spanish translator designation?
  359. What is the best translator certification course?
  360. Who offers certificate programs as a translator?
  361. Where can I get a translation certificate?
  362. What is covered on the translation certification exam?
  363. How can you complete a translation certification program online?
  364. What are the prerequisites to become a translator?
  365. How should I to start my career as a translator?
  366. What books should I read to become a translator?
  367. What are the three most popular translation languages in use today?
  368. What is a popular English translator certificate program?
  369. Why should I complete a translator certificate course?
  370. What is public sector interpreting?
  371. Where can I find online translation agencies?
  372. What are literary translation jobs?
  373. What is the best freelance translator blog?
  374. What types of behavior is unethical as a translator?

Global Translator FAQ

  1. How can I become a Portuguese translator?
  2. How can I become a German translator?
  3. How can I become a Korean translator?
  4. How can I become a Dutch translator?
  5. How can I become a Chinese translator?
  6. How can I become a French translator?
  7. How can I become an Italian translator?
  8. How can I become a Spanish translator?
  9. How can I become a Arabic Translator?
  10. How can I become an Irish Translator?
  11. How can I become a Japanese translator?
  12. How can I become a Bulgarian translator?

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English Translator FAQ

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Portuguese Translator FAQ

Chinese Translator FAQ

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German Translator FAQ

Irish Translator FAQ

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  1. How can I become a certified English Translator?
  2. How can I become a certified Spanish Translator?

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