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Website Translator  Common Problems & TipsMost website translators do not translate languages correctly. This usually happens when symbolic languages are translated into letter languages (for instance: Chinese to English). Ineffective website translators will also lose the language's sense and flow when they translate from a language like German to English. Believe it or not, there are many translators that have this type of weakness and some of them don't have all of the languages.

Some website translators don't work on certain platforms such as PHP. Before buying a translator you need to check out that the website translator works on a platform that is available at your web hosting company. There are a few website translators that will work on every kind of platform or at least the most common platforms. However, these website translators are the very expensive.

There is also another problem, which is probably the worse one. Some translators are not designed to work on certain templates such as word press. Most website translators will usually work only on standard HTML sites. Therefore, you must check to see if your website translator will work on the template you have available before applying it to your website. If an HTML website translator is installed on a word press site, it may malfunction and turn your whole site into one big mess. Again, this will end up in loss of traffic to your site.

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