Training to Become a Professional Translator

Training to Become a Professional Translator

It is important to know the reasons you intend to become a certified translation professional. Is it for the money? Is it for the fame? Are you just interested in a part-time job or is it a hobby of yours?

In order to become a good translator you will need to have the knowledge of your intentions in order to becoming a good one. You have to believe in them as the base of your entire Professional Translator career, that way you can develop your own rules, strategies and tools that will also determine your exclusive way of translating in a professional manner.

It is necessary to identify your clients and work, each and every single one of them has different ways of visualizing their final work results. Your intention as a Professional Translator is to translate your client’s expectations with integrity and discipline to make your work worthwhile.

The ideal Professional Translator should also find pleasure while working with translation. Despite the fact that you could spend hours, or even weeks working on the same piece of work, motivation is crucial. If you enjoy what you do, then certainly your work will demonstrate that to your readers and clients.

While it is essential to produce fast translations for your clients, you must not compromise on the integrity of your documents.

In summary, to become a good translator, you will need to have good intentions in order to become a great one. You also need to believe in your work and potentials, listen careful to your clients and understand their needs, and enjoy every moment of your translating work process. In the end you have the results and the expectations that you were hoping for.

-By Vanessa Greenway, CTP Associate

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