Translation Designation

Translation Designation

What is a translation designation? A translation designation is typically a certificate or certification program which confirms experience and or knowledge of translation professionals. When you walk into a doctor's office or law firm you see their certifications and diplomas on their wall because everyone wants to be assured that they have taken the time to study and become certified as holding a high level of specialized knowledge within their area of work, earning a translation designation is similar to this, employers want to know they are hiring someone who is a specialist, not a generalist.

Who completes translation designation programs? Translation designation programs are completed by professionals around the world as developing markets mature and economies turn from mostly manufacturing based jobs to knowledge worker type jobs the demand for translation experts greatly increases. Some professionals who we know have completed translation designations in the past include:

• New Translators
• Students & Professors
• Experienced professional translators

How much in tuition should I expect to pay for a translation designation program? Our survey of the industry shows that most translation positions pay between $850 and $1,500 for translation designations. This is relatively inexpensive as this is about the same cost or slightly more than a single University course providing the skills needed to be a translation . In addition to expenses you may also need to incur testing or technology fees if your testing is done within a physical testing center. Books for most translation designation programs cost $100-$200 total.

Why should I complete a translation designation? First off, if everything else is held equal and you are competing against someone else with your same educational background and work experience than it will most likely help you give you an edge if you have completed a translation designation. These programs help potential employers know that you:

• Have re-invested in your own training and self-improvement
• Hold specialized knowledge within this niche area, potentially much more so than others competing for this job who do not hold a designation
• Are pro-active, goal-oriented and serious about your own career development

How do I determine which translation designation offers the most value? When you evaluate designations designed for translations consider whether that organization will allow you to complete the training while working or going to school full time. Almost all of us must earn these types of designations within already full schedules so it is critical that all video training, testing, and interaction may be completed 100% online without any hidden testing or technology fees that most Universities sneak into the fine print. Typically this will be clear on the organization's website but if it already clear email the team and ask them about whether there are any additional fees in addition to the tuition payment and purchasing of required texts.

What is the Certified Translation Professional (CTP) Program? The Certified Translation Professional (CTP) Program is a 100% online designation program for a translation professional who is looking to work within the industry. This program was built by experienced translation experts to help train and verify the knowledge of other aspiring translation professionals.

Who is this program not for? This program is not for those looking to simply get a quick boost to their resume without doing any work. Like anything in life you get out what you invest into the program and our program is not something you can join and pass with flying colors by winging it or just using an online translation cheat sheet of some sort. If you are looking to build your credentials by paying for a designation in this space we are not the program for you. If on the other hand you are looking to complete an online translation training program and designation to greatly improve the depth of your knowledge within this industry while also verifying this knowledge than this program could be of huge value to you and your career.

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-By Adriana Tassini

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