Best Translation Schools & Training Programs

Best Translation Schools & Training Programs | Getting the Education You Need to Be a World Class Translator

It can be difficult to identify the best translation schools and training programs out there. Actually, very few schools specialize in translation. Most colleges and universities with strong language programs offer translation certificates. That is how many people obtain certification as a translator. Other options include translation-training companies that provide training and certification. When looking for a translation program, you should consider a couple of things. The first is that the program should offer instruction from professional translators who have worked in the industry. The second is the program needs to offer both translation and industry skill training.

Why do the best translation schools use professional translators as instructors? The first, obvious reason is they bring their knowledge into the classroom. While some professors may speak a language well, they may not have had to translate it often in the real world. A translator’s perspective is different from that of a pure scholar. What may work in a classroom, may not work in the real world. That is what a professional translator brings to the classroom. They also bring the ability to give students a real world perspective on being a translator. This is invaluable as students prepare to enter the industry.

Why do the best translation training programs provide both translation and industry skill building? Translating is more than just speaking another language. It requires the ability to take one person’s spoken or written word and translate it into another language. And many times, it has to happen in real time. This requires skills not taught in an average language class. Industry training offers the students the ability to transform grammar structures between languages. It also provides students with language nuances in areas like medicine, science, business, and law.

The best translation training programs provide the student with all they need to become professional translators. They give them access to real world translation professionals. They provide them with studies to give them the skills they need in the real world. They give them access to technology used in the industry. The best ones know that translations are not a theoretical practice. This real world activity helps people communicate. It is often in real time and requires deep knowledge of both the language and the cultures involved. Translators are crucial to today’s ever growing and ever shrinking world. It is imperative that you select a school that will get your ready.

By Adriana Tassini

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