Certification Programs for Translators

Certification Programs for Translators

Languages are a particular interest and talent for many people. Whether they are bilingual from childhood or choose to learn more languages in an effort to be fluent, there are a lot of people who enjoy learning new languages and working to perfect those skills. Translation is an industry where such an interest and such skills are the most basic of requirements to work in the field. In general, certification programs for translators are optional and not specifically a requirement, however most companies seeking translators will hire those with certification and experience.

Translators who are native speakers in the languages needed for the positions they are hired for do not find a specific need for certification, per se, but rarely will employers hire a translator without certification. Even one with good skills and fluency often finds this to be true. Companies want to see proof of certification programs for translators because it provides evidence of the translator’s skill in that they have taken the courses and passed the necessary testing to gain certified status. For native speakers, gaining certification should not be difficult but merely another step to obtaining a good job in translation field.

Certification programs for translators are found in several venues. Colleges and universities often offer such programs as well as advanced degrees in specific translation specialties and languages. There are also certification programs to be found via the internet. When seeking out certification programs for translators online, it is a good idea to do some research to ensure the program is a reputable one. Check and see what graduates from the program have to say about it and about their job prospects with the certification. If certain certification programs for translators do not have many people talking about their success, move on until one is found that has plenty of positive testimony to offer.

Testimony is the key in finding certification programs for translators. For those who have graduated from the program and gone on to work in the field of translation are the best indicators of the success of particular programs. Certification programs for translators are not a firm requirement, but it has been shown that many companies and prospective employers will pass over translators who are not certified in favor of those who are when seeking to fill their translator positions.

-By Adriana Tassini

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