Certified Translation Test Preparation

Certified Translation Test Preparation

Translation is a field in which the translator’s experience and ability far outweigh their certification accomplishments. That being said, most potential employers do like to see certification in that they feel it proves the translator measures up to a certain level of accomplishment in their work. Translators who are bilingual or expertly fluent in the languages of choice do not need certification to do their jobs well, but will likely need it in order to obtain the job in the first place. Certified translation test preparation is not a difficult task to accomplish, just as the certification process is not a difficult one in general.

Certified translation test preparation is simple like any other test preparation. By competently completing the translation course requirements and studying the highlights of each, most students can be well prepared for their certification tests. The certification translation tests follow a completed translation course that lasts for several weeks or months, depending on the particular course of choice. By reviewing the highlights and noted points from each class, certified translation test preparation is merely a matter of organization and familiarity with the material at hand. Most students who successfully complete the certification program do not have trouble with the certification test that follows.

It is a good idea to talk to other students who have been through the particular certification program and find out how the test process works for that program. Each program is different and therefore certified translation test preparation will be different in each case. Talking with other current students is also a good way to prepare for the test in that notes can be compared on what are thought to be the important highlights of the course. Certified translation test preparation is basically a review of the course and the important points to be taken from it.

The field of translation is one where experience and knowledge of particular languages is the most important part of a translator’s resume. When seeking a job in translation, it is smart to highlight the best of the experience first and foremost. Giving the potential employer a snapshot of what makes this particular applicant exceptional is the best way to gain attention and a second look or a move onto the next part of the hiring process. Certified translation test preparation that leads to good test scores and subsequent certification looks good on the resume as well.

-By Adriana Tassini

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