Online Translation Training

Online Translation Training

Top 10 Benefits of Completing a Translation Training Online

There are many benefits to completing online translation training programs but not all of these are immediately obvious. Completing your training online may or may not be the best option for your unique situation but it is important to at least be cognizant of the differences upfront before you enroll within any program. If you haven't considered these items in the past they may be able to save you over $2,000 over the next few years.

24/7 Support and Learning Resources: Traditional schools are setup to provide you with customer service and support during business hours. Online translation training programs are setup to help you find answers efficiently at any time of the day with online forums, extensive FAQs, click to chat services, and more responsive email and phone call support as well.

More Value - Less Tuition: Traditional schools typically provide a lecture which is 1.5-2 hours in length. Why is this? One of the main reasons is that it takes a certain level of effort to get the professor and all of the students in the same room at the same time, so once this is accomplished you may as well fit in a few hours of training. What is wrong with this is that extensive scientifically backed research shows that most professionals start to lose focus and stop paying attention after 20-40 minutes and no studies have provided conclusive evidence that watching someone lecture for over an hour straight is a productive method of instruction. If you enroll into an online translation training program the host organization does not have to force you to sit through 2 hours straight of lecture, video or audio resources can be broken up into concise, focused 5-20 minute segments which help you learn about one idea at a time or skip over supplemental videos if they cover an area which you are already familiar with. This is just one of the ways in which completing your translation training online can provide you with more value while typically paying 30-70% less in tuition.

Adaptive and Dynamic: Online translation training programs are typically built based on industry best practices, industry demands, and participant requests. This is in contrast to more traditional school-based programs which are provided on-campus and are typically structured around theory, a textbook, or a single professor's knowledge. While most on campus translation training programs completely change their course matter and subjects as professors come and go within departments online training programs typically are constantly building our their coverage of the niche area, always adapting, evolving, and improving. This is possible because knowledge is passed through digital media such as video and audio resources instead of being held in someone's mind and class notes of what "should be taught."

Time is Money: Everyone's time is worth something whether that is $6/hour or $60/hour you need to calculate what this number is in your case and calculate commuting costs to complete an in-person course or examination vs. an online training program. I believe if you take moderate estimates of this wasted time into account you will see that your commuting time is costing you almost as much if not more than the tuition. For example, if your time is worth $27 an hour and you spend just 40 minutes commuting each way to campus every week for 16 weeks that total cost of your time is $576. What is the real cost of not getting trained online?

Superior Alumni Benefits: Since online translation training programs must develop video and audio based resources it is much easier to then offer these same resources or related online training modules to alumni for little or no extra cost. The result is that alumni are actually treated like valuable members of a community instead of just someone that a more traditional school may contact for a donation to their foundation after a few years. Traditional universities and campuses must pay for their buildings, land, and overhead so in the end you are either paying an online training organization to develop great resources or you are paying more for a campus to keep up maintenance on their buildings and land. Which is more valuable to you and your career? A good example of how this is unfolding in other industries can be found in the movie rental business. In this industry everyone is asking themselves: Why pay $5 per movie rental to pay for someone's building, electricity, and overhead when you can pay $10 or less a month and rent several movies through Netflix?
I hope these benefits of online translation training help you decide whether these types of programs are right for you. If you have some follow up questions feel free to contact our team or read more about our Certified Translation Professional (CTP) program on

-By Adriana Tassini

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