How to Certify Your Language Translating Abilities

How to Certify Your Language Translating Abilities

Translators transform one written language into another, usually a foreign or second language into their own native tongue. They convey thoughts and ideas into a written, understandable form. They have to do this in a way that has the same flow and meaning of the original document. The United States has many different cultures in the country and learning to read, write, and understand another language can prove to be very beneficial. If a person is bilingual it can open doors to many career opportunities in a job field that shows no signs of slowing. This career is expected to grow much faster than average than other career fields.

Almost all translation work is done on a computer and assignments are usually sent and submitted electronically. Translators are needed in many different areas. Judiciary translators help with the communication of people that find it challenging to communicate in a legal setting. Legal translators must be proficient with legal practices in their own country as well as the legal practices of that of the client. They may work in attorney-client meetings, preliminary hearings, arraignments, depositions, and trials. They also work in fields of healthcare, agencies, and many literary fields. The most important thing to know working in this field is a person must be fluent in two languages.

As with most things, education is a key aspect in this career field. Whether it is a natural ability to speak two languages or a person has to take special classes to learn languages they must be educated in the language. Experience is another key element in becoming a translator. However, many employers require some form of certification. This can be accomplished through a third party certification provider, post-secondary education, or through exams provided by the employer. In fact, many large corporate and government employers require applicants to pass their rigorous exams and certification testing prior to being hired.

Those that are proficient in two languages and would like to work in a translating career should check into college classes or courses that teach translation skills. There are many colleges nationwide that offer training and certification programs. In taking these certification classes a person will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to work in this career field. They will hone in on all the skills needed and more to prepare them for the world of translating. Additionally, pursue options from third party certification providers. These providers often offer training as well as certification.

-By Adriana Tassini

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