How to Form and Run a Successful Translation Company

How to Form and Run a Successful Translation Company

Translators are needed now more than ever. The United States is growing more and more culturally diverse every day. English is the first language spoken most in this country; Spanish is the second. Every day we are in contact with someone speaking another language. A cashier may meet a customer that does not speak English. If the cashier does not speak their language, communication can become difficult. Wouldn't it be so much easier to be able to understand each other or be able to help others understand? A translator can do this for themselves and help the communication between others a little easier by choosing a career as a translator.

Translators are needed everywhere from schools and healthcare to converting web pages from one country into a language understood in their own. A translator can make a rewarding career by working on a freelance basis but there are some skills needed first in order to do so. The first skill for someone wanting to translate is fluency in at least two languages. Education and experience are the best ways to accomplish this. They need to be sensitive to other cultures and they need to express thoughts and ideas in both languages clearly. Certification and training programs would be beneficial and obtaining a Bachelor's Degree can only help.

A person should work an internship and find an in-house job in translation so they can gain the knowledge and experience before attempting to run their own translation company. Once a person decides to start their own company they should have a strong work ethic and great business skills. They will be working for themselves so they will need to find the work. They can do this through job boards, posting ads for their work, and making contacts with others in the business. They may have to work very long hours and need to gain a good clientele in order to establish themselves as a business professional.

If a person wants to know how to form and run a successful translation company they should be extremely knowledgeable of the business they are in and be very business minded. They will need to set up a home office and remain professional at all times. They should learn about marketing, advertising, or even choose to obtain a degree in business. The best way to run a successful translation company is to have the knowledge and skills needed for the career. This career is only going to grow so there is a strong need for competent people to translate effectively.

-By Adriana Tassini

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