How to Get an Entry Level Translation Position

How to Get an Entry Level Translation Position

Those people who enjoy learning different languages might find that a job in translation is just the job for them. Translation is when people fluent in particular languages translate written work from one language to another language for a client. That client can be a private client or a translation agency that the translator does the work for. Translators are in high demand in many areas of the business world now that technology allows for easier and more efficient global business.

Entry level translation positions are where all new translators must start in order to gain experience and learn the process of the translation job. After education and certification, those who seek how to get an entry level translation position have several avenues open and available to them. They can work for an online translation agency, freelance on their own and seek out translation clients to work with or work for a translation company offline. It is a good idea to start out slowly and gain experience before taking on private clients. This experience is easily gained through working for one or several online translation companies.

Translators should proactively search out online translation companies in order to get an entry level translation position that will allow them to gain experience and begin to make an income from their translation work. By applying for translation jobs on certain websites and following the application procedures carefully, job seekers can get started online in short order. If there is no online application on a certain company's website, it is a good idea to email the company a to-the-point, concise email asking their application process and how to take part in it.

When applying for entry level translation positions, it is important to highlight the best of one's qualifications up front and to include experience, references and contact information as concisely as possible. A prospective employer likes to look at a resume or email and gain the necessary information very quickly. By providing evidence of excellent skills, two good references and clear contact information, an applicant can increase the chances of a second look and making it to the next round of the translation company's hiring process. Once hired or going through a trial period, it is wise for the new translator to accept even small jobs offered. Often translation companies will start off with small jobs to test a translator's willingness to do what is needed as well as the ability available.

-By Adriana Tassini

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