How to Get a Job as a Translator - Getting the First Job

How to Get a Job as a Translator - Getting the First Job

Getting a job as a translator can be a challenging experience for a new translator. Many companies are reluctant to hire a translator with little or no experience. One thing that can prove helpful is having a certification or degree in translation. This will let a prospective employer know that the applicant does have an education in the field and how extensive it is. This can be a tremendous advantage over those who do not have one. However, getting a job as a translator can still be rather difficult for those who have little experience.

One of the ways many choose to obtain the experience needed to get a job as a translator, is through an internship with a translation service. One can sometimes find an internship with a local translation company. This is beneficial for many reasons. While one is getting experience, they are also learning some of the practical applications for the courses they learned in school. An internship is generally not paid or if it is, it is for a very low wage. This may be discouraging, but that is generally the way of working in the translation field. Experienced translators earn much higher salaries. So until one has some good experience their pay may be less than desirable.

Another good way to get experience is by volunteering with an organization that uses translation services. Many ministries are worldwide and have use of a translator. By doing volunteer work with organizations such as these or any organization that has the need, one acquires more valuable experience which can help them in getting a job as a translator. These may seem like small steps, but to a prospective employer it shows incentive and dedication to the career one has chosen.

Becoming a translator requires much hard work on a person's part. They must have an outstanding command of their second language, as well as knowing about the cultures that use the language. They must not only understand the nuances of the language itself but how people use the language as well. In addition, they have to be able to read not just the words written, but what their meaning, their tone is and translate this into another language. This by itself can seem like a huge task to many. For those who have been trained in translation, it is not so difficult. They understand the requirements and know how to accomplish the task, the only thing they have left to do is to get a job as a translator so their career can begin.

-By Adriana Tassini

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