How to Work Part Time as a Translator

How to Work Part Time as a Translator

If you want to know how to work part time as a translator, you still need to prepare for the job as if it were going to be a full time job. Many translators work less than full time. Some translations agencies will take on translators on a part time basis. Many translators who take direct clients can regulate the amount of work they take during a week. Working part time is very possible. However, that doesn't mean you preparation must be second rate. In order to become a respected translator, you still need to produce quality translations for your clients. This means getting the education and experience that any translator needs.

One way you can work part time as a translator is to contact some translation agencies. You will find that many are willing to work with part time translators. They can give you work that you can do on a part time basis. You can set your own hours. The biggest down side to working with translation agencies is they will take a percentage of the client's fee for the agency. This usually makes the amount you make for a translation project lower than what it would be for a direct client. However, with an agency, you can often get a level of steady work that direct clients may not offer.

If you want to work part time as a translator, you might consider taking on direct clients. With direct clients, the work may be sporadic. You may get a full load of work one week and have nothing to do the next. However, direct clients often provide more flexibility in their expectations than a translation agency might. You can negotiate deadlines when you take on a project for a client. This allows you to regulate your flow of work. You also have the option of turning away work if it gets too much.

A part of making the decision to work part time as a translator is an understanding of what flexibility you want. Some people want to work 20 hours per week by working four hours a day, five days a week. Others want part time work to allow for other business commitments. Some are trying to work around their family's schedule while others want to bring in extra income. When you understand your flexibility and expectations, you can find a part time situation that will work for you.

-By Adriana Tassini

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