Online translator courses - Finding Translator training Courses Online

Online translator courses - Finding Translator training Courses Online

As the need for literary, advertising, business, governmental, and industry documents to be translated into other languages grows, so does the need for translators. In fact, the work available for translators is expected to grow twenty percent or more within the next ten years. The methods for learning to become a translator are not regulated by the government. Clients simply want to know that the translators they are considering spending money on are proficient in their focus languages and translation skills. Though there are four-year college programs in translation that cost thousands of dollars, online translator courses are more time and cost efficient.

These online translator courses can sometimes be completed in under a year. They can cost as little as less than a single college course. Translator courses online usually culminate in a qualifying exam for professional translator certification. Most assume fluency in the source and target languages so the courses themselves focus on the skills needed to be successful in the translation industry. This includes the ethics issues specific to translating. Training courses acquaint students with the best practices of the translation industry. Some also address the time and project management skills needed in a primarily freelance business such as translating.

Online translator courses can be offered in several different formats. The first would be classes that are an interactive classroom format. Students meet online with an instructor at scheduled times. This limits the flexibility of an online course because there is a rigid schedule. Others have training videos that the students can access at their convenience. These can cover subjects from the daily activities of successful translators to the most common mistakes of beginning translators. Other courses provide a list of required reading of the industry standard literature for students to read. This allows for exposure to the best information and ultimate flexibility.

Some online translator courses use a combination of these methods. Some certification courses offer the certification test online while others require students to take the exam at a testing center. Certification credentials as a professional translator can be added to resumes, business cards, websites, and other advertising to help translators land more projects and put clients at ease. Training courses can be an effective and inexpensive way to launch a career as a translator. Once the career is started, it is important to build a portfolio of completed projects. A list of satisfied clients that can be called as references is also helpful in getting new customers and building a translating business.

-By Adriana Tassini

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