Professional translator training online - Training on the Internet for a Translation Career

Professional translator training online - Training on the Internet for a Translation Career

Learning to become a professional translator involves several different components. First, the prospective translator must become fluent in at least two languages and cultures. Second, they need excellent writing and communication skills in both languages. Translators are essentially professional writers who are bilingual. Third, they need the skills and knowledge base that are essential to the translation industry. These include understanding ethics issues, using the best practices of the industry, meeting deadlines, and managing translation projects. Professional translator training online typically deals mostly with the third category.

These professional translator training online programs usually assume fluency in the chosen languages and require proof of language study or immersion. They also normally presume that there is a certain level of excellence in writing and other communication skills, though some online courses may provide style guides or other recommendations. Training programs range from expensive university degree programs to very cost-effective all-online certification testing programs. A mostly to all online format ensures flexibility for those who are already working or going to school full time. Certification programs can take less than a year to complete, and some individuals require hardly any time at all. Some even cost less than the expense of one college course.

Programs that offer professional translator training online can come in different formats. Some are scheduled at certain times as online classrooms. This means that the student needs to be present at the computer at scheduled times. Other programs are set up as a series of audio or video lectures that students must access on their own. Some have deadlines for assignments and some expect the students to pace themselves. Some fully self-directed programs list required reading materials and the students are expected to study for themselves before taking the final comprehensive exam. A study guide can be provided for this method. The benefit of the final method is that the students are getting standard industry literature and can finish as quickly as they wish.

The culmination of professional translator training online programs is usually testing that qualifies the students for certification. This is typically a timed test that is either taken at a testing center or online. After certification is attained the translator can put the credential on resumes, business cards, and advertising. Although certification is not required by law in the United States, being certified can help in landing those first jobs before a portfolio of completed work and satisfied clients is built.

-By Adriana Tassini

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