Translation Job Boards and Resources

Translation Job Boards and Resources

Someone who enjoys languages and is already bilingual by birth or for much of their lives is an ideal candidate for a career in translation. Translating items from the original source language to a desired target language is a growing career choice in this day and age, with such global options in many industries. Translation jobs are available to one who is qualified, motivated and knows where to look for them. One of the options in seeking jobs in the translation industry is to use translation job boards found online.

Translation job boards and resources are easily found online with a good search. It is a smart idea to do some research about the various translation job boards found by searching before deciding which ones to use. Check into translation forums and the like to see what others in the field are saying about certain job boards. Things such as success rates and ease of use are important when choosing translation job boards to use in the job hunting process. These things should be looked at from both sides, from the perspective of the job candidate and the view of the prospective employer as well.

The key to success in using translation job boards and resources is the profile and/or resume that is posted by candidates. It is everything. Companies looking to hire translators from translation job boards will not look twice if the candidate's profile is not eye catching. The profile should be professional yet catching, including a resume and one or two significant things about the job seeker. The profile and bio are the places to catch a prospective employer's attention, followed up with a well put together resume. It is a smart move to highlight a particular accomplishment or specialized training on the profile in order to stand out from other applicants.

Translation job boards and resources are a great way to be noticed by companies seeking to fill translator position. By being smart about which translation job boards to use and highlighting skills and accomplishments, a translator can be noticed and therefore receive job offers or at least further inquiries about skills and experience. This is where specializing in a particular industry or enhancing one's skills with extra experience can really pay off. By standing out from the crowd, a candidate is not only noticed faster but is much more likely to obtain job offers as well.

-By Adriana Tassini

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