Translation Jobs in California - Types Available

Translation Jobs in California - Types Available

California holds a lot of opportunities for translators. Whether you live there or are looking to find work online, there are many things you can do to put your translation skills to the test. There are many areas in California where you could work but probably the place that will have the most opportunity is Southern California and the Hollywood area. This is because that it is the entertainment capital of the country and the need for translators is ongoing. If you are looking for translation jobs in California, this is where you should start your search. Here are the types of jobs you are likely to find.

You will find work translating books and scripts. Hollywood is always making movies and not all of them are going to be in the primary language of the land. Sometimes they will import movies from other countries to remake. Other times the movies just need to have the script translated for subtitling. And still other times, movies are translated and the voices of English speaking actors will be dubbed over the original actor's voices. Books by authors in other countries are often turned into scripts but need to be translated into English before that could be done. If this sounds like interesting work for you then it will be worth the effort to contact production companies about working for them.

Other translation jobs in California that you could do would be verbal interpretations for actors and actresses that come from other countries. Alternatively, you could also travel with a production company to other countries and serve as a translator that helps the movie team interact with the local people. Unless you live in California, this is not exactly a work at home job. Although you would probably travel to some cool places, you will be away from home which can be a challenge if you have a family.

Finding translation jobs in California is pretty easy. You will want to start by visiting job boards for translators to see what jobs are listed as available in California. If you don't see anything that interests you, then look for the contact information of production companies. First look on their individual websites to see if the they have a jobs section. If not, then call and speak to their human resources person who will be able to tell you if they are hiring translators. Be persistent in your search and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

-By Adriana Tassini

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