Translation training videos - Online Videos on How to Be a Professional Translator

Translation training videos - Online Videos on How to Be a Professional Translator

A great way to learn
to become a great translator or to improve your craft if you are already a professional translator is through translator training videos online. Typically offered from training schools that have professional certification programs for translators, these videos can offer a wealth of information from successful translators, experts in the industry, and studies of client feedback. They are especially useful for learning the daily ins and outs of translating that past translators had to learn from the school of hard knocks. Videos online include a look at a day in the life of a professional translator, interviews with successful translators, and much more.

Some translation training videos online focus on acquiring and retaining clients. This is an unavoidable part of a freelance translator's business. In order to make money as a translator, you have to have people who hire you translate things. Finding the jobs you want to do can be accomplished in several ways. After finding them, you have to make yourself stand out from among other applicants enough for them to award you the contract. In addition, turning initial clients into return clients is an essential skill. Advertising, searching databases, getting contracts, and garnering repeat clients are all subjects that are covered in training videos online.

Time management is also an area that is important for professional translators. Because many translators work from home and set their own deadlines, learning how to manage translation projects as well as the other elements of a translation business is an essential career skill. There are translation training videos on the internet that deal with the necessary parts of a successful translating business and how time should be allotted for each of them. Structuring and organizing the business can also be found as a subject of training videos. Even videos detailing the most common mistakes that translators make can help you move more quickly toward being fully successful as a translator.

One other invaluable resource of translation training videos is the actual testimony and advice of people who have been down the path you are traveling already. Those translators who have put in their time in the industry and are successful at running their businesses can offer amazing wisdom to help you avoid the mistakes made by less experienced translators. By studying these videos, you can set yourself apart from translators at your same experience level in years by learning from the experiences of others. Training videos can also cover more issues, such as ethics, best practices, and much more.

-By Adriana Tassini

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