Translator career info - Finding Your Translator Career Path

Translator career info - Finding Your Translator Career Path

The career paths of translators are almost always very different from one another. This is partly because there are so many different types of translator careers available. Most translators specialize in a specific field because they must gain a good working knowledge of the vocabulary and processes involved in that specific field. For instance, judiciary translators have to understand legal processes, forms, and terminology. Translator career info must therefore include some specificity to the area in which the translations are being made. However, the basic definition of translation within any field is the transfer of information written in one language into another language.

Translation is different from interpretation. Interpretation refers to the spoken word and can be done simultaneously or consecutively. Translators need the skills to understand text in one language and to synthesize, edit, and write it again in another language. They need an understanding of the cultures inherent to the native speakers of the two languages they are working with, as well as knowledge of the subject matter. Although no credentials are formally required, many translators hold a bachelor's degree or professional translator certificate. In fact, some employers will not hire a translator who is not certified. To find translator career info on preparing to become a translator, some students take certification courses that offer required reading assignments.

These assignments cover everything from how to manage translation projects to ethics issues to communication skills and more. Most will train students in the best practices of the industry of translation. Translation career info is widely available on the internet. Translators are writers who have a unique multi-lingual skill set enabling them to make written text available to a different people group. They continue to be writers and offer advice and information on blogs, professional websites, and article directories.

Translator career info
in regards to possible fields with translation needs includes too many to be listed here. However, some of the more common translation fields include medical, judicial, literary, computer, transportation, instruction and repair, and sales. Localization translators serve a translating niche that makes a product appear to come from a different country than its origin. They use extensive knowledge of vocabulary, culture, and technical aspects to adapt a product into a different culture. Translators in the field of technology are savvy with computers and other technological inventions. The key is to find your niche and become expert in your field as well as fluent in both your languages. Then, build your portfolio of work for satisfied clients.

-By Adriana Tassini

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