Translator Employment Tips

Translator Employment Tips

After submitting your resume to hundreds of companies and going to numerous interviews, you finally got a job as a professional translator. Congratulate yourself for a job well done. The translation industry is competitive and being able to land a job in this economy is work well done. However, your work has just begun. Getting the job is only the first step towards a fulfilling career as a translator and interpreter. The next step is doing so well in your position that you keep your job as well as have other opportunities for growth come to you. Here are a few translator employment tips for making the most of your new job.

Don't take on too many projects in the beginning. It may be tempting to jump in to your position with both feet and over burden yourself with projects in order to impress the boss. However, you risk ruining your reputation with that strategy. When you have too many projects on your plate, you will not be able turn them over quickly and still maintain the high quality the company requires. Take advantage of your newness to start slow. Once you get the hang of doing translations and how quickly you work, you can then up the number of projects you work on.

Always keep your eye out for opportunities. If your goal is to move up in the company to a management level, always look for opportunities that will allow you to display your leadership and management skills. This may require you to take on special projects or handle customer accounts. However, saying yes to those projects and doing a good job will draw positive attention to you. Try to find a mentor in the company who can teach you the ropes and help you achieve your goal of moving up the corporate ladder.

If your job doesn't pay enough for you to live on, look into doing freelance translation work. As long as you are not trying to steal your company's customers, doing freelance work is a great way to earn extra money doing something you are already trained for. There are numerous online classified ad sites and job boards that have translation jobs listed by people looking for temporary help. If you build your business the right way, this can provide an additional stream of income as well as bridge the gap into self employment down the line. The best thing you can do either as an employee or a freelancer is to always do the best work you can.

-By Adriana Tassini

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