Translator Job Search - Finding Jobs in Your Community

Translator Job Search - Finding Jobs in Your Community

Some translators prefer to work in their local community rather than online. If you know where to look, you can find plenty of work. There are many benefits to working close to home. You will be helping local businesses market to clientele that they otherwise may not have been able to reach. Increased business in these economic times can mean the difference between staying afloat and having to close the doors. With planning and the appropriate resources, you can conduct a translator job search that helps you reach these business owners so you can provide them with translation services.

The first thing you want to do is research the demographics of your local community. You want to find out if there is a need for translation services. Some towns and cities have pockets of communities where the people do not speak the dominant language of the area. For example, you area may have a lot of Hispanics that live there. If you are a Spanish translator, then local businesses would benefit from you translating their sales materials so that their Hispanic customers are able to comprehend it. However, don't be discouraged if the language in your town is homogenous. You can still find businesses in during your translator job search that need your services.

You will need to take some time and brainstorm the types of businesses that would be interested in having documents translated. The places to start with are companies that work directly with the public. For example, auto body shops and banks who work with people may be interested in having their sales documentation and other forms translated for their customers who speak a differently language. You may need to pull out a phone book to help with your translator job search in finding those companies you want to target.

Once you have a good list of companies, start contacting them to gauge their interest levels. If you don't like the idea of cold calling or sending brochures, contact your local Chamber of Commerce to find out if there is business networking events in your area. This is a good way to introduce yourself to local business owners without interrupting their workday or feeling as though you are sending junk mail. Another thing you can do is see if they have an email address through which you can send a proposal. You can also try to contact them through social media outlets like Twitter or Facebook.

-By Adriana Tassini

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