What do you need to be a translator? - Skills to Become a Translator

What do you need to be a translator? - Skills to Become a Translator

One of the first things that one needs to become a translator is knowledge of a second language. Not just a superficial knowledge, but a deep understanding of the language and the ability to communicate in it fluently. This is one of the key elements to becoming a translator. You must know the second language as well as you know your first. It is for this reason that many translators come from bilingual homes. They are use to using two languages in their day to day life. They converse in both languages with different types of people and this further broadens their vocabulary and their understanding of the language. Although it is possible with much study to learn a second language through school, those who are bilingual have a definite advantage.

To be a translator one must not only know the language, but they must also understand the culture behind it. Different cultures use their language in different ways, words have different meanings depending on the way they are used, and some things may be very symbolic. A good translator will know this so that when they are translating they are not merely translating words, but rather ideas, tones and feelings. This can be very crucial in documents. If a word is translated incorrectly and sets the wrong tone, the results can be disastrous for the company.

For those who are considering pursuing a career in translation, they will also need a good grasp of the type of industry they will be working for. It is very important that understand the jargon and unique terms for the industry. There may not be a comparable word in the language they translate to, but by understanding the word and what it means, they may be able to convey through words what is trying to be expressed. This is very important in technical and legal documents. One cannot be unsure nor have questions about the terms and terminology that are used, they need to have an excellent grasp of the language that accompanies the industry.

For those who meet the qualifications to become a translator, it can be a rich and rewarding career to pursue. One that is full of opportunities as the need for good translators continues to grow as more and more companies expand into other countries of the world. The growth potential is outstanding and for those who wish to pursue it, it can be a wise investment in the future.

-By Adriana Tassini

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