Why Get a Certificate in Translation Studies? - Importance of Certification

Why Get a Certificate in Translation Studies? - Importance of Certification

While translation can be a very interesting and rewarding career, becoming a translator can require a significant time investment. Not only will you need to be fluent in two different languages, but you will also need to keep up with industry standards, trends, and best practices. You will also need to study the culture behind your chosen language in order to translate more accurately. In other words, you will need to commit to lifelong education before you begin. A certificate in translation studies can form a significant part of your education, however.

In the past, becoming a translator required little more than extensive knowledge of two languages. These days, most jobs require a bachelor's degree. Breaking into this field can be difficult if you do not have any work experience, which is why a certificate in translation studies can be so helpful. A certificate shows that you have completed a program or course that teaches you about the industry and your chosen language. While a certificate cannot stand in for years of work experience, certification can show future employers that you have a basic knowledge of what it takes to be a successful translator.

Many translation certification programs focus on teaching languages or industry practices. Few programs combine language instruction with translation ethics and guidelines, but any program will give you extra hands-on experience. If you have just graduated college and do not have a job yet, this type of program can be a valuable learning experience. You will study your language of choice at an advanced level, practice translation, and learn from professional translators. You will need to take an exam before you can complete the program. A program that includes instruction regarding translation ethics and best practices will also be very beneficial.

Online certification programs combine the best of both worlds. Many programs offer instruction in a variety of formats, including text, video, and audio. These programs teach the same material as college courses do, but allow students to learn the material at their own pace. The Certified Translation Professional program not only includes translation instruction, but also test students on industry standards and practices. You will need to be a motivated, independent learner to get the most out of an online program. Online courses can seem intimidating, but most offer professional support. Do not be afraid to ask questions! Above all, an online certification program can boost your credentials by giving you real-world experience.

-By Adriana Tassini

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