Benefits of Continuing Education in Translation

Benefits of Continuing Education in Translation

There are many benefits to continuing your education in the field of translation. Whether you are a translator or just starting out in the translation field, continuing education can mean the difference between getting a job or promotion or not.

There are various ways to get continuing education in your field. You can return to school and get a formal degree or you can consider a certification in the translation field. There are various schools that offer continuing education.

A certification in the field of translation can be very beneficial. When applying for a job or promotion within your field, having a certification that other applicants do not have can put you ahead of the other being considered.

Attaining a Master’s degree can also make your resume stand out. However, a formal degree is not always necessary. In the field of translation, a certification can be just as valuable as a formal degree, so you will need to research and decide which the best choice is for you and your continuing education venture.

If you are undecided
as to which path is best for your career advancement, a mentor or supervisor can be an excellent resource in helping make your decision. But no matter whether you choose a class or two at a local college or a translation certification or degree, continuing to stay ahead in your field and know about the latest trends and innovations in translation can really put you ahead when you try for your next promotion or job.

-By Adriana Tassini

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