How Can I Become a Professional Translator?

How Can I Become a Professional Translator?

Anyone who
is considered bilingual, meaning they are a native speaker of a language of habitual use and they are also able to speak, read and write a foreign language can become a translator.
A formal academic qualification is not necessary to become a
translator, but getting a certification is a smart decision if you’re thinking of working as a professional translator or want to be affiliated to a translation association. Most companies when searching for translators will look for candidates with past experience in the industry and some sort of certification.

These five bullet points will help find out if you have the qualifications to become a successful translator. If;

• you have the knowledge of the source language as well as the target language
• you’re a skilled and creative writer
• you’re disciplined and organized
• you enjoy reading and learning
• you have great communication skills

Some people just happen to be natural translators and find this job very pleasant and self enriching. Others enter the translation profession through circumstance; whether they are living in a different country, traveling while working for their company, or even after marrying a foreigner.

So, if you’re finished with your basic school and wish to follow a translation study program you can definitely become a translator in short time and start building your work reputation as well as gaining experience while engaging in the amazing world of translation.
Good luck and I hope these tips help you move forward.

By Vanessa Greenway, CTP Associate

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