Ways to Become a Translator

Ways to Become a Translator

There are two distinct ways to become a translator: you may either have the talent and skill to translate; or you just happen to become a translator by circumstance, which could be through your current job or you may even be living abroad and find the opportunity to start a career as a translator.

Some translators just happen to be passionate about learning foreign languages and enjoy discovering and understanding cultural differences between other people and their cultures. This drives them to engage into a translation study program, course or certification so that they will have credibility to start working as a professional translator. It could be either on a freelance basis or work for a translation company.

Most of the people who work as translators find out about their abilities to translate later on in life in association with what they were already doing. Perhaps they traveled often to a foreign country on their current job position or they happened to be exchange students and translating was a good way of making money while studying and living abroad.

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By Vanessa Greenway, CTP Associate

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