Translation and Confidentiality

Translation and Confidentiality

In the translation industry, when it comes to confidentiality every translator and even clients should think of establishing a formal and valid Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement before the project to be translated is determined by both parties.

Translator’s privacy and client’s confidentiality comes first. However if needed, they should make the effort to keep all documents and personal information from being disclosed to a third party. A privacy agreement will demonstrate to the client a complete respect and professionalism in keeping the privacy and discretion of any document available to the public, unless otherwise advised.

A translator could find himself guilty when in order to finish a job he decides to subcontract a colleague to work and disclose confidential information without the client’s permission, awareness or approval.
If you have been already working with a translation partner or intend to find someone to start a partnership, make sure to mention about your associate and also that he’ll be providing his translation services in combined with yours in terms of your services.  It is always safer to have everything transparent and in writing.

When signing up for a translation task, think of how much time you will take to accomplish it and make sure you can deliver it yourself, but if time is still a problem and you think you’re almost close to the deadline and you can’t get it done, contact the client and be honest about the situation. You may be able to present him some options that could facilitate this process for both of you and still meet the deadline necessities. (E.g. consider getting some help from a translator you can trust and let your client know he will also be working on the job with you. It is very important to inform your client before you make any decision.).

Why is it important to submit a Privacy Agreement to a client?
  • Your clients will trust you and your personal and professional ethics.
  • It ensures the protection of the documents translated and presented by you.
  • Make it a serious commitment – providing your clients not only the regular terms of service for a translation job but including a confidentiality agreement that will effectively determine its importance by being signed and dated by both; translator and client.
This will be a much appreciated way to perform your work and an appropriate factor to follow.

By Vanessa Greenway, CTP Associate

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