Online Courses For Translators

Online Courses For Translators

There are many different options of courses offered directly for translators. Some are taught face-to-face and some others are offered 100% online within a self-study program. Once registered, you will be able to learn practical approaches to succeed as a professional translator.

Online translation courses are typically open to anyone who is interested to work in the translation industry. The requirements to be accepted into these programs vary depending on the institution, but by using the experience you already have in foreign languages and in the translation industry itself, you are more likely to succeed and do well working as a translator. However, if you don’t have the requirements to become a translator, some online programs may provide you tips and instructions on how to pursue a translation career or certification program.

There are various ways of getting started in the industry, and many translators from around the globe have already started out their career by taking online classes where they can get the most out of their study time and by taking advantage of the flexibility of making their own schedule. It is important to remember that you must have fluency in the language you wish to translate and you must be able to communicate well.

The online certification course for professional translators provided by the Global Translation Institute (GTI), usually take 3-4 months for participants to complete. The process includes 75-100 hours of reading /study time plus a final examination that consists of true and false questions, multiple-choices questions, essay questions, and a translation section. (Required study time frame and concluding tests may vary from one course to another).

There are many benefits of taking online classes, one of the advantages is that the classes can usually be taken from anywhere in the world. If you’re wondering about getting the support you need during this process, no worries. Many organizations are accessible at any time by email, telephone and sometimes at an online chat, to maintain you informed and to answer any concern you may have.

Here are some of the benefits of completing an online translation course:
  • Potential Financial Freedom – you have the opportunity to start your own translation business;
  • Working as a Freelance Translator – ability of creating your working style and work as many hours a day as you desire. Plus the benefit of working from home;
  • Job Promotion – Chances to increase your salary; possibilities of working abroad and independently;
  • Personal Satisfaction – you get to choose which translation area you would like to work with.
To learn more about how to become a certified translator, additional information and the benefits of online courses please click here.

By Vanessa Greenway, CTP Associate

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