Common Translation Fees

Common Translation Fees

Many translators establish their work fees based on how much money they want to make and how much it would cost them to run their own translation businesses.

In our experience translators usually charge between $13.15 – $25.81 (US Dollars) per hour which can be separated by the amount of source words or pages to be translated or even consider a flat fee for those small projects with a minimum of 250 words. But of course, the rate depends on the project, length of the project, your training and expertise in that field, time-line of the project, and other variables that any translator should consider.

Legal translators working within an agency or company will probably be committed to a rate chart established by their employers and have the responsibility of following their fees. Legal translations are frequently used in addition to an original document and must be validated and notarized and should also contain the translators information and professional registration with the agency or legal department of translation if required. These costs might be included in their applicable working fees as well.

Regular translation fees and services are divided by common and legal texts some of which may have different rates and fees according to their matter, and could be based on whether they also need a more elaborate and specific research to accomplish the job.

Most languages translated from or to English can be charged between $0.14 - $0.30 cents per source word depending on their geographic location.

Below we have an example of a simple translation fees chart that includes some of the most common requested language translation combined with English:

Other things to be considered before you set up your translating fees are the number of hours per week you wish to work, the amount of weeks per year you would like to work, vacation and sick time and holidays.
We hope these tips can be useful and do not hesitate to email us with any questions you might have. Sources

By Vanessa Greenway, CTP Associate

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