Training to Become a Certified Translator

Training to Become a Certified Translator

Being bilingual isn’t the only skill one needs in order to become a certified translator, yet it still is the most important component. Having a college degree is desirable as well but not a requirement.  Although being experienced in both the source and the target languages is extremely important.

While training to become a certified translator and pursue a higher qualification such as a translation certification, you must not only study to improve your language skills but you should also try out some different translation fields. By being more knowledgeable in many translation fields, can give you a much better view of the things you really appreciate doing in translation and will also help you find the right direction you should follow to become specialized in a particular area of translation.

Being aware of cultural-social diversity of speaking styles and writings take an important role in the process of becoming a certified translator and brings the quality of your work to a much higher level.

If you decide to go ahead and become a certified translator, you should be 100% engaged and prepared for the final examination. Personally talking, you should dedicate part of your time to study the program tips and advice, proceed with the required readings, practice with some of the sample questions offered by the program, and evaluate your skills before taking the final certification test. Taking advantage of what a certification program has to offer in terms of asking questions via email can be helpful and an excellent source of information for future translation projects and business challenges.

If you’re starting out as a translator and are in the process of accomplishing a certified translation course, these guidelines will certainly help you through the official recognition process. But, if you’re already in the translation business and are seeking for a more professional way to present yourself as a qualified and reliable translator, getting certified is unquestionably the right thing to do.

For more information on the translation certification program ran by the Global Translation Institute (GTI) please visit:

By Vanessa Greenway, CTP Associate

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