Certification for Translators - Why Are There Such Few Options?

Certification for Translators - Why Are There Such Few Options?

This article discusses why they are such few programs that provide certification for translators and the reasons behind that. The translation training and certification field has been growing as more professionals look to certify their knowledge and improve their career prospects in the field.

Here are the top reasons why so few translation certification programs exist today:
  • To run a truly global program takes a lot of work and to date only 2-3 firms have been able to pull this off.
  • Most associations within the translation industry are regional or country-based and not global in nature
  • Working with dozens of graders who all speak different language pairs is a complex project but required to run a well respected translator training program
  • It can cost over $100,000 to put together just the basic structure of a global translation training or certificate program and for many associations and training firms there is no guarantee that they will ever earn that money back from having participants join their program
  • The translation industry is not new but global organization of the industry is still just now being put together as more and more professionals join the profession
  • Building enough audio expert interviews, video modules, study guide sections, and other resources to get a program well accepted is difficult, only a few programs have been able to do this.
These are the main reasons why there are such few certification programs for translators available today, I hope this helped improve your understanding of this part of the translation industry.

That being said, most translators can gain an edge within the industry by completing a translator certification program such as the Certified Translation Professional (CTP)


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By Adriana Tassini

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