Certified Translation Program Research - 4 Things to Watch Out For

Certified Translation Program Research - 4 Things to Watch Out For

Our team has done some research and has identified four things to watch out for when considering a certified translation program that you may want to complete. This should help you get more familiar with programs that are available and why some have become more popular than others.

Top 4 criteria in examining translator certificate programs:
  1. Avoid programs which involve expensive ongoing membership dues without any clear benefits, dues should be low and inexpensive related to the amount of value they are providing back to you. Otherwise you are just signing up for someone else's revenue machine that benefits you very little.
  2. Stay away from programs which do no combine reading, auditory learning, and visual video-based learning as well. By combining all three participants learn and absorb much more over the long-term.
  3. Keep far away from programs that are not mentioned elsewhere on the internet and seem very small or insignificant. You want to complete translation certification programs which are well known and held in high regard. By doing so you are avoiding those which really won't help your resume very much or improve your chances of winning more projects from potential translation clients.
  4. Only get involved with groups which will provide you with custom career coaching and resume feedback as well as training and testing. This is a crucial element that can be worth the cost of completing a translation certification program by itself.
If you follow this advice and avoid these four things you will increase your chances of completing a program which fits your needs and provides you with a lot of value.

By Adriana Tassini

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