Certificate in Translation Studies

Certificate in Translation Studies

Why is earning a certificate in translation studies becoming so important? Why are translation professionals getting certified, trained online, and worried so much about constantly improving their knowledge? Within this article we cover these topics and try to provide a clear picture of what is included within such programs.

Most translation studies courses are focused on either training individuals on a specific language pair or on translation industry practices, ethics and guidelines. By doing so they are helping the translator improve their qualifications, resume, and credentials which helps them gain more project work from potential clients. While nobody is going to want to hire someone with 0 practical experience, combining real world experience with training can be powerful.

Many professionals complete translation certification programs instead of or while completing a class on translation studies. This can help professionals further tailor their resume to the industry while picking up more best practices and tips on how to be successful in this space.

All of this growth has been fueled by the rapid growth of the internet, global trade, and online translator training that many people are now looking for. These are very long-term trends that will most likely continue for the next 10-15 years. The good news is that while these programs become more competitive with each other it is only time before they are forced to add more and more multimedia resources which are very helpful to their participants.

I hope this article helps you to better understand why certificates in translation studies are becoming more popular in the industry.

By Adriana Tassini

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