How Can I Get Accepted Into a Certified Translator Program?

How Can I Get Accepted Into a Certified Translator Program?

Some professionals may get nervous while applying for certified translator programs but you don't need to be. Most acceptance decisions are relatively black and white, you either qualify to get admitted or you don't. While some certification programs require 3, 5, or 7 years of experience in the industry others only require 1-2 years of language experience so make sure and pay attention to these admission requirements carefully and take notes on how each program is different.

While completing this research you will probably notice that while 1-2 programs may be more well known others provide far more practical training for less money over the long-term. The right fit for you could be entirely different from the next person depending on where you are located, how much experience you have, and what you are looking to get out of a program.

The bad news is that the hard work really begins after you get accepted into a program. That is when you have to cover assigned readings, prepare for the examination, watch review videos and listen to audio interviews with experts in the field. Completing the program is actually much harder than getting into the program. Typically 40-60% of all professionals who begin a translator certification program actually complete it and graduate. That is because many people simply get too busy with their full time job, family and work schedule to study enough to do well within these challenging programs. That is what makes them so valuable though, they are not easy to complete.

In short, don't stress over getting into a certified translator program, and focus more on getting started studying the required books and video modules for the actual test.

That being said, most translators can gain an edge within the industry by completing a translator certification program such as the Certified Translation Professional (CTP)


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By Adriana Tassini

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