How To Become a Certified Translator in 3 Months Or Less

How To Become a Certified Translator in 3 Months Or Less

Want to get certified as translator without having to spend 1-2 years doing so? Do you already know two languages well and have completed some translation work in the past? If so than you may be able to quickly complete a translator certification program of some type.

We get many experienced translators telling us that they have applied for a position or project which requires them to be certified and many ask, "how can i become a certified translator in less than X months?"

The first thing to remember is that while many programs can test your translation knowledge very few will both certify your knowledge while also training you on how to do the actual translation work. Rather, most translation certification programs and certificates either train you in translation or test your ability to translate while training you on industry best practices.

Here are our top 4 tips for quickly completing a translation certification program:

1) Master your languages: The better mastery you have of your source and target languages the easier a translation training or certification program will be to complete.

2) Do your homework: By completing research on a program before you begin you should be able to move through it more quickly by always knowing what the next steps to take should be. Many professionals get confused on how to complete a program because they haven't read through the programs

3) Study required readings: Almost every program comes with required or assigned readings - buy these as soon as possible. Read each book once while highlighting important passages and then read them again skimming through to just the highlighted sections.

4) Leverage the support team: Most professionals who join a translator designation program don't realize that there is a team of experienced professionals and experts behind the designation and they are there to help answer your questions, provide you with coaching, and improve your career.

I hope these tips help you reach your career goals within the translation industry.

That being said, most translators can gain an edge within the industry by completing a translator certification program such as the Certified Translation Professional (CTP)


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By Adriana Tassini

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