How To Become A Certified Translator

How To Become A Certified Translator

Our team fields over 1,000 emails a month from translation professionals trying to get into the translation industry or improve their career within this field. One of the most frequent questions we get is "how can I become a certified translator?"

To help answer that question completely we are writing this article. The top 3 tips we have for becoming certified within the translation industry include:

1) Do Your Homework: It is important to first know what your source and target language will be and make sure that you have experience within both of these languages. If you do not that should be your primary objective, even after you have mastered two languages translation work can be challenging and industry practices can take a while to learn even if you know everything about your source and target languages already.

2) Consider Online Programs: Many translation certificate and certification programs are offered through colleges and universities while others are offered 100% online or through weekend seminars and conferences. Consider all of these choices while completing your research so that you are able to see what all of the options are in the industry before deciding which path to take.

3) Get Started: Preparing for a translator certification program can take many months and for some people over a year. The amount of time required is going to depend on your current language experience, knowledge of the industry, and ability to quickly learn more about translation industry best practices. If you are working full-time plan on spending 4-6 months preparing for a program, if you are working part-time or in school you may be able to complete the program in just 2-4 months.

I hope this helps everyone out there who is trying to boost their translation career. Good luck!

That being said, most translators can gain an edge within the industry by completing a translator certification program such as the Certified Translation Professional (CTP)


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By Adriana Tassini

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