English to Spanish Translation Careers

English to Spanish Translation Careers

English to Spanish translation careers are growing as the business community in the United States is awakening to the power of the Hispanic community residing here. Boasting 50 million strong, Hispanics in the United States outnumber African Americans residing here. They are, by and large, a technology-savvy consumer groups that spends close to one trillion dollars each year. Businesses are rushing in to get a slice of that proverbial pie. In doing so, they are realizing the importance of marketing specifically to this largely Spanish-speaking people group. Corporate divisions are devoted solely to Hispanic relevancy and marketing of products and services.

Businesses who offer an opportunity for careers are creating training materials, tutorials, and whole web entities in Spanish. English to Spanish translation careers are more available than ever before because the amount of print and screen materials that need translation are at the highest in history. As the translation industry has started to realize this expanding project market, more and more would-be translators are trying to get their start. To make your resume stand out, you need special qualities or credentials. As in any other field, work experience is always best. The discouraging cycle of ‘not getting any work experience because everyone requires it’ is most often broken by having exceptional credentials or education.

Certification programs for English to Spanish translation careers can cost less than a college course and take far less time to complete. Some are even available completely online for the highest level of convenience for those who are working full time. Typical translation certification programs expect fluency in English and Spanish prior to the start of the program. The program normally culminates in testing for the certification credential that is timed. The exam covers ethics issues, best practices of the industry, communication skills, and more.

After the certification is earned, the focus of English to Spanish translation careers should be building a portfolio of translation work and a roster of satisfied clients. Sometimes the most efficient way to break into the business is by volunteering services to get that portfolio and client list started. Once you have a few projects under your belt, you have something to show potential clients as samples of your exceptional work. However, some certification companies offer graduates access to a translation jobs database so they can start getting paid right away. Fluency, translation skills, ethics, and credentials all work together to smooth the path toward a long and successful translation career.

-By Adriana Tassini

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