Should You Hire a Translation Agency?

Should You Hire a Translation Agency?

If you need to hire a translator, you have several choices. You can choose to hire a freelance translator or work with a translation agency instead. Each has advantages and disadvantages. For example, hiring freelance translators will enable you to work closely with your translators throughout a given project. On the other hand, if you hire an agency, you will work with a project manager or coordinator who oversees all translators on a project. There are many other factors to consider as well. You will need to consider both your preferences and business needs when making your decision.

Freelance translators are the best choice in many situations. For example, if you need to translate documents into widely spoken language, you will probably be able to find a freelance translator quickly. You should also stick with freelance translators if your documents are meant for the general population, do not require specialized knowledge, or requires contact with the translator regarding terminology. Foreign books are also better off in the hands of a qualified freelance translator. In fact, some translators specialize in this type of translation. Finally, you should assess the volume of work and the time required before deciding whether to use a freelance translator or an agency.

You might want to hire an agency if you need translators who specialize in relatively uncommon language pairs, as an agency will have greater resources. Agencies might also be the better choice if you require someone with advanced technical knowledge. Of course, many freelance translators also work on technical documents, but agencies can check the quality of the work before it gets to you. Agencies are also a great choice if you have a large volume of work to be completed. An agency can assign multiple translators to a given project, but you will only have to process one invoice.

Both translation agencies and freelance translators can offer other services, such as editing, proofreading, typesetting, or website localization. You might have to go through several freelancers before you find someone who can do the work you need, however. A translation agency is more likely to provide these services. Whether you choose a freelance translator or a translation agency, be sure to check both their credentials and rates. If you can, find out what the going rate is for the language pair you need. Avoid agencies who charge below these rates, as they might be using amateurs or online translators.

-By Adriana Tassini

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