Translation Career

Translation Career

For the many who choose to pursue a career in communication and translation they will find there are a great many opportunities in the field. As more and more companies expand their businesses into other countries, they find themselves in various types of need of translators. There are numerous documents that must be translated, letters and other such information. In addition many companies have been adding pages to their websites for those who speak other languages. This is another task that a translator can be helpful in, translating a company's webpages into another language.

Besides companies, many medical organizations use translators in their work. For those in the communication and translation career field, there are many opportunities if they specialize in medical documents. Many physicians and others have need for their papers, research and other documents to be translated into other languages. Medical translators also have the added burden of needing to know medical terminology well so that they can properly express it in the language it is translated into. This is a growing field and one that many should look into pursuing. It is a career that will keep growing as time goes on.

The military and other governmental agencies have need of those who have made communications and translation their career. There are foreign embassies, intelligence agencies and other such organizations that have need of translators to help them in getting documents translate so they can read them and then send out replies. This can be very important work and it is work that is only expected to increase over the years as the world becomes more and more of a global community. A person with good translation skills and experience would do well to look into the job opportunities that exist in this field.

There are countless other types of industries that have need for translators. Many worldwide ministries have use of translators in translating their materials in various languages. There are also opportunities in translation in regards to books and other printed materials. Translators are used for this work as well, since there is no computer who can truly understand all the nuances we have in language and without understanding the tone and overall idea of the words, there is no way to translate it accurately. Becoming a translator is a job with a great many opportunities for those who choose to pursue it and make it their lifetime career.

-By Adriana Tassini

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