Translation Jobs

Translation Jobs

The translation industry offers almost unlimited opportunities for linguists. Those who specialize in verbal interpretations can find work in the business sector as an intermediate between two business associates from different countries. The movie industry is always in need of people who can translate foreign films and the government uses verbal translators in any number of ways. Text translators are equally gifted with opportunities in the industry. Many people specialize in specific types of documentation such as medical and legal documents. However, if you prefer something a little less technical, there are number of book translation jobs and projects available.

Like the movie industry, publishers are always in need of people who can translate books into other languages. If an author approves having their book published in another country, the publisher will generally hire someone to translate the book into the country’s dominant language so the people can enjoy it fully. This requires high quality work especially when it comes to fiction books. In addition to translating the actual words, you must be able to convey the same meaning as the author. If you enjoy reading literary works, then look into obtaining book translation jobs and projects from publishers.

Technical works, like product guides, are another area in which translators are needed. Most products are shipped around the globe and require the instruction manual to be translated into other languages so that the people in other countries understand how to use it. Other types of technical works that require translation include procedure manuals, text books, and even catalogs. Finding book translation jobs and projects in this area generally requires you to contact the company directly. Sometimes they do the work in-house but a good majority of them outsource it. Find the person in charge of producing the documentation for their products to see how you can submit a proposal to translation work for them.

If you are looking for book translation jobs and projects, the internet is a good place to start your research. Most individuals and companies will place ads on job sites when they need to hire a translator so you should have a few favorite places where can look. Classified ad sites are another good place to look. You can also use social networking sites, like LinkedIn, to get information about who is responsible for the different departments in a company so that you will know exactly who to contact.

-By Adriana Tassini

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