Quick Way to Become a Translator - Fast Track to Translation

Quick Way to Become a Translator - Fast Track to Translation

Becoming qualified to be a translator can take as little as three months if you have the right background. The quick way to become a translator is to have fluent understanding of two languages so that you can go to school and get certified in translation. Much of the basic knowledge of a language must already be in place before translation can be considered. Bilingual students are ideal, but students who have acquired a second language fluently can do just as good a job, or maybe even better because of their systematic study of the language.

With a solid understanding of languages already in place, the quick way to become a translator is to take a program at a college or online. These programs are geared to get translators prepared, trained, and practiced in a very short time. Most programs take less than a year and award certification at completion. Certification will boost your credential and get you the job you want. Programs both online and at colleges offer classes in translation, culture, history, grammar, composition, and literature. A solid understanding of a language and its context help the translator to effectively translate.

If a program is pursued full time, which would be the quick way to become a translator, it may take as little as three months to complete. Most programs allow at least six months to complete the program. Most people can complete it in six months or less. Online programs take very little time because they are done at your own pace. They consist mostly of reading and testing. Certificates are awarded at the completion only if test scores show that the candidate is prepared to do a good job translating in the field.

Though it takes a bit more time, it is advisable to get some experience before embarking upon your first job. Most jobs require at least 3-5 years experience. There really is not such a thing as an entry level job in translation. Employers and clients expect some experience before handing over their projects to you. Travel abroad to the country of the language you speak can go a long way in improving your translation. It is another whole education in and of itself. This is more of a self guided training. More formal experiences can be gained through internships or volunteering to translate for high needs institutions.

-By Adriana Tassini

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