Resume for Translator Services - What Makes a Good Resume for Translator Services?

Resume for Translator Services - What Makes a Good Resume for Translator Services?

If you are attempting to sell your translator services, then you should have a resume for translator services that you offer. Your resume allows potential employers to see what your background is and where your skills and talents lie. This will help them determine if you are the right fit for a job or a contract involving your services. Your ability to translate from one language to another is definitely a strong point, but other elements of your experience and expertise also matter. For example, if you have legal background and your resume shows this, then you will be more desirable to employers seeking translation in the legal arena.

In the qualifications area of your resume for translator services, there are specific details that you want to document if they apply to you. For example, you should document all of the languages that you can proficiently translate between. You should mention if you have an English education, because you need to have a superb command of idiomatic English just as much as a superb command of your second language. You should list qualifications such as interpreting skills, translation editing, computer and word processing skills, how many years you have been translating and other pieces of information that show a prospective employer that yes, you know what you are doing.

You should have a work experience section in your resume for translator services that talks about previous translation work. Do not simply state where you worked and when. Provide concrete details about the specific tasks that you completed, such as translating documents relating to technical subjects like engineering or law, providing language and linguistic skills for the conversion of technical product descriptions into a different language or interpreting for actual people. Interpreting and translating paper are two different skills and both are extremely sought-after in the market today, so make sure that you are marketing both of these skills.

The important thing to know is that prospective employers do not spend many hours poring over resumes in search of people to meet with. Your resume for translator services needs to be concise, easy to skim and easy to understand if you want to get someone's attention. Your resume needs to detail all of the more important information about your qualifications and skills, education and work background in a way that allows the employer to see your value quickly and easily. This is what is going to hand you the interview.

-By Adriana Tassini

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