Starting Your Own Translation Company - Going into the Translation Business

Starting Your Own Translation Company - Going into the Translation Business

About 26% of the translators in the US are self-employed. With that many translators in business for themselves, many are seeking help on how to run their own business. Some choose to get some training in a school setting, but may others just wing it and hope that all turns out well. Many freelancers only translate part time because they don't get enough work to sustain full time translation. It is completely possible to work full time in translation, it just takes some knowledge. Starting your own translation company can be easily done if it is set up correctly.

Building a company identify is probably the first step when starting your own translation company. Specialization is the best way to go. Creating a place for business is a great way to make sure the business starts coming in and keeps coming in. Make your niche and make sure that you do it better than anyone else. This will also help experience to add up quickly. Figuring out rates is probably the next step. Competitive rates can draw business in. Run specials or keep your minimum translation rate low to attract business.

Develop a brand that is easily recognizable. Make your mark memorable. Put that mark on a webpage that is well designed and easy to use. No freelance business will function without a website to uphold it. Hire a web design team to help you build it. They know how to make your site friendly to browsers and get you great rankings on a search results page. Or you can go the cheap route and use design templates and cheap hosting companies. These might be the best way to go when you are first starting your own translation company and don't have a lot of cash and to make your website wonderful.

Do some marketing. This doesn't have to be an all out campaign, just some well placed announcements. Make contact with potential clients and keep building your relationships with them. Do good work and always on time. If you do more than is required you will begin to develop a reputation for excellent work. Your clients will continue to use you and they will recommend you to their associates. Always invest some of your earnings into your business, even if it is a small amount, it will add up.

-By Adriana Tassini

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